The game is changing

October 5, 2015 Torben Rick


The accelerated speed of communication and customers ability to access information with just a few keystrokes is changing everything – including how customers  make purchase decisions. Those companies and sellers who adapt to these changes will thrive, and those who don’t will perish.

Content marketing an integral part of how companies sell

Customers are spending hours researching solutions before they even starts a conversation with a potential supplier. Research shows that up to 60-70% of decision-making in B2B is made before the decision-maker approaches the supplier. This means that companies have to produce enough content so that the customers can see the company as a thought leader. This makes content marketing an integral part of how companies sell, today!

Create content that describes the problems the company solve for customers. Suggest ways to solve the challenge – be sure to deliver value.

Customer words make brands – Word of mouth’s growing importance

A brand is no longer what the company tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is. As online communities increase in size, number and character, companies have come to recognize word of mouth’s growing importance.

No matter what product or service a company provides, the top priority should be to ensure that the customers have a great experience with the brand. Customer loyalty – and, by extension, referrals – will follow naturally from there.

Trust as an integrated part of strategy

Both elements have to play an important role in the journey towards “The Trusted Company”.


The Trusted Company - The importance of strong customer relationships


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Torben Rick
The game is changing


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