How Do You Create a Successful Business?

October 1, 2015

As an entrepreneur/business strategist, I am always seeking to learn more information so that I can be a better asset to my clients. And it is only right that I do so. They pay me for my knowledge and experience, with the belief that I can help them achieve their desired success. Therefore, I must be well equipped in my ability to provide true value.

As a constant learner, I look to different authorities who can give me new insights, so that I can broaden my thinking. Doing so helps to increase my performance, which keeps me in demand as a strategist.

As I was doing a bit of research the other day, I came across Tony Robbins. I am sure you are familiar with Tony Robbins, international motivational speaker, who has worked with very high-profile people in various industries. As I was digging around on his site a bit, I came across his blog, Change Your Life Now.

Most of the material within the blog covers emotional and personal development and both play a major role in business success. Your business's success is dependent on your ability to control your emotions, no matter the circumstances you are facing. And it is dependent on your ability to continuously improve your personal state of existence so that you are never content.

Being a business owner will test you emotionally and mentally, so it takes a strong person to withstand the unpredictable nature of business ownership. Therefore, when you want to create a successful business, it would help you greatly to be equipped with the following qualities:

1. Ability to See Beyond Today
As a small business owner, you know business can either be slow or hectic. You may have a season of one extreme and then a season of the other extreme. More than likely your business never remains in a steady balance of ease. As this occurs you tend to get stuck in a particular routine of operating. When you do so, you allow other opportunities to pass you by because you are only thinking and acting for day-to-day.

Successful business owners now how to plan for the future and develop actions which assist in making their desired future a reality. You could be dead broke today and then be given a 6 figure contract next week. But this only occurs if you remain persistent no matter what your current situation may be at the moment. Tomorrow is always an opportunity to be better than your today.

2. Understanding Consumer Thinking
It's quite amazing to know how many people operate a business but don't know who is their actual customer. When this occurs, I take it as a sign of an owner who does not know their business and who has low emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence is vital as a business owner because it gives you the ability to understand what attracts a person to your business. With this understanding in your possession you are able to design products and services that actually have demand in the market place. The extreme gap between successful businesses and mediocre businesses exist because emotional intelligence is seriously lacking in most businesses. Mediocre business owners are in business for themselves, instead of being in business to effectively satisfy the needs of the consumer.

3. Knowing When to Reset
As a small business owner, it is a badge of honor to be known as a workaholic. It shows that nobody will outwork you because you are in go mode from morning to night. While it is good to want to be the toughest competitor around, don't let such behavior ruin your business. Being a workaholic can burn you out emotionally, mentally and physically. And more often than not with small businesses, when the owner deteriorates, the business deteriorates.

You must know when it is time to step away for a minute in order to recharge your total well being. Being constantly bogged down in business develops tunnel vision, which means you see only what you want to see. Creating shifts of going hard and then relaxing for a moment; gives you the ability to last longer and see the bigger picture much clearer. Therefore, you know how to constantly improve your business in order to increase its success internally and externally.

There is more to creating a successful business than just writing some plans down on paper or in a computer. You have to operate within successful behavior, which can only be done when you possess a successful mindset that influences the actions you perform. Remember that success is a process of designed actions and not just something that occurs by coincidence.

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