HR Has Evolved: 2 Human Resource Functions Redefined

May 28, 2015

The function of human resources (HR) means so many things to different people that, in many cases,  there is a resulting identity problem for HR.  There are mixed and sometimes unrealistic expectations of the HR function. Over the past decade, HR has attempted to rebrand itself to the point where the terminology is ambiguous! No wonder people outside HR are confused about what HR does.  The new word in vogue is Talent – and it is used to describe everything from Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, Talent Success, Talent Engagement and the list goes on.  HR is definitely evolving and going through rebranding at the same time. It is no surprise that the people whom HR serves may be confused about what HR does.  HR is now responsible for a number of functions that simply didn’t exist when I first started working in HR.  I remember when HR was the upgraded version of Personnel – but what has changed over the years?  The one change that the recent research does highlight is that the perception and value of HR has changed – the consensus view globally is that HR’s value is in steep decline. How can that be? It may be in the evolving perceptions of HR. 


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