Debunking 5 IT Operating Myths

June 11, 2016 Joanne Flynn

We all know, on an intellectual level, that the value of IT is critical to an organization’s success. That’s obvious and supported by extensive research. However, how IT, in reality lives, performs and produces in an organization often contradicts its critical need and limits its importance in the organization. It’s time to synch IT into the fabric of the organization because the organization needs you. However, IT, you have a lot of work to do in your own functional area before this synchronization can happen. Below are 5 IT operating myths that must be debunked by IT:

  1. The most important skills and knowledge in IT are TechnicalTechnical skills are certainly the table stakes to work in IT, but as people progress within IT, many more organizational, transformation and leadership skills become equally important.  As people move into Leadership and Senior Leadership Roles, research shows that these new skills become increasingly important, if not more important.

  2. Technical people can and do easily move into leadership roles. I will promote my best technical person into the manager roleTechnical people may move into leadership roles, but that doesn’t mean they actually perform the role of the leader. Again, research shows that the leadership competencies that are required for technical leadership roles are very, very different from technical skills and knowledge. IT organizations very often have the wrong people in leadership roles, creating organizational issues and stresses up and down the line and with the matrix constituents with whom IT works and interacts. In addition, there is a significant underinvestment in the leadership development training required to make technical leadership really good at their leadership roles and responsibilities.


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