9 Critical Competencies for the IT Relationship Manager

May 23, 2016 Joanne Flynn

I recently hosted a forum with Fred Mapp of Mapping IT for CIO’s and Senior IT professionals entitled "Future Proofing the Business of IT" dealing with:

  • Future organizational needs
  • Future technology needs
  • Future competitive advantage
  • Company growth acceleration
  • Maximum corporate profitability

Taking a page from the recent Fortune Global Forum, one of the 4 challenges facing business today:

The Greatest Challenge Isn’t Tech, but People - Creating the right culture is the central challenge for surviving technology-driven change. Process has dominated our business thinking and operations for the past 15 – 20 years.  At this point in business, we have taken process about as far as it can go.  People, a company’s human capital, have finally been acknowledged as a key, critical business driver for the future.


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