6-Step Checklist to Accelerate Your Sales Growth

October 7, 2015

Increase Success With a Multifunctional, Disciplined Sales Methodology

Sales_GrowthThe sales function is the front line into the marketplace and is strategically critical. Keeping the sales function aligned with strategic goals will 
significantly impact growth.  

“Successful relationship selling is not just a list of activity items.  It’s a thinking person’s occupation, requiring a plan, a process with targets and smart activity, together with integrated skills measured against the only metric that is an indicator of success – The Client Business Plan.” - Joanne Flynn

Because we are focused on WHAT, WHY and HOW information, it is imperative to have a strategic sales methodology approach that is multifunctional and multifaceted – requiring many layers of information. Here is a breakdown of the PSP approach to accelerate your sales growth focusing on the layers of information needed to implement and sustain a disciplined sales methodology.


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