Leadership Landscape: 5 Trending Competencies Looming on the Horizon

September 7, 2014

You can’t escape all the literature, conversation and often just ‘noise’ around the topic of leadership. We hear what leadership is, what it isn’t, what it was and what it will be.  So, this next topic series from Phoenix Strategic performance will focus on the 5 emerging skills and competencies around future-focused leadership. 

  1. Organizational Agility for Business Readiness
  2. ‘Altrocentric’ Leadership - Soft Skills:  Renewed, Refreshed and Revisited
  3. Managing the External Side of Change Management:  The Organizational Journey
  4. Managing the Internal Side of Transition Management:  The Individual Journey
  5. Leader as Corporate Steward - Risk Management

Why is the topic of leadership getting so much attention today? Our world and our organizations are living in a new reality and there is no more escaping this point.   Old organizational paradigms that served us for the past 50 years are quickly approaching their ‘sell by’ date. Our new reality is the result of the aggregate effect of change converging at multiple levels? To many, it seems so sudden. It’s not so sudden! 


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Learning & Development Series: The Critical “Make or Break” Role of Leadership

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